Plate Lifting Magnet

They are magnetic carrier systems developed as an alternative due to the unsafe sheet metal catching equipment and vacuum sheet handling systems.

The number of magnets and their dimensions in the system are determined according to the plate dimensions to be removed. While natural (permanent) magnet or electro magnet may be preferred in single plate lifting operations, only electro magnet can be used in multi plate lifting applications. Because natural magnets create a limited magnetic field due to their structure and can hold materials with direct surface contact. For this reason, it is not safe in the transportation of the plates standing one above the other.

The minimum value of the plate wall thickness is limited to 5 mm, special systems are designed for wall thickness values ​​below 5 mm. As the wall thickness decreases, the number of magnets in the system increases and the magnets become more flat. Unlike the vacuum lifting system, even boards with damaged surfaces can be safely lifted.

In applications where natural magnet is used, maximum level of security is provided since the load does not fall even if the electricity is cut off. Natural magnet systems are frequently preferred in laser and plasma cutting units. In this way, both the unit can be fed and the cut sheets can be easily collected on the bench. They make a significant difference especially in applications requiring speed. It is generally preferred in areas such as shipyards where plates are frequently used in production.

As with the profile lifting magnet, the use of telescopic beams is common in sheet-plate lifting magnets. Telescopic extending beams are often preferred for applications where small - heavy plates and large - thin plates are to be lifted together. Telescopic beams are more costly solutions than fixed beams and require maintenance. However, they have a significant effect on reducing the number of magnets to be used in practice and using the factory area effectively.

Things to Consider When Choosing Sheet - Plate Magnet
Application area information (sheet cutting, loading and unloading, stacking, laser cutting, etc.)
The minimum and maximum measurement values ​​of the plate to be removed,
Minimum and maximum thickness values ​​of the plate to be lifted,
Crane lifting capacity and number of cars,
Number of sheets to be removed in one go
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