Profile Lifting Magnet

It was developed on the basis that the commonly used sling and load lifting technique was found unsafe. It is used for lifting profile packages of various types (such as box, square, flat plate, pipe, angle iron) tied with metal strips. Since it eliminates the need for a sling, there is no need for a sling worker during its use, only the load can be lifted by the crane operator.

Since no slings and wedges are used, the stock area is used more efficiently. It is a direct factor in reducing the inventory cost. Since natural magnets carry loads with surface contact due to their structure, only electro magnets are used in profile lifting application.

Unlike billet lifting applications where two magnets are used, the magnetic levitation system can consist of 3 or 4 magnets depending on the length of the profile packages. The purpose of using more magnets is to prevent damage to the product by spreading the power as the profiles are the final product. In addition, a balanced grip is provided by the 3rd and 4th magnets added to the system and bending and buckling of the profiles in the package is prevented.

In case of planning a magnet system to lift variable length packages, our company may recommend a telescopic carrier beam system. If the length of the profile package to be lifted varies between 4-12 meters, the beams can be designed telescopically and transported safely.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Profile Magnet
Package content to be removed (box, square, flat plate, pipe, angle bar etc.),
Lifting capacity of the crane where the magnet will be used,
Minimum and maximum dimensions of the profile package,
The minimum and maximum weight of the profile package,
Number of profile packages to be removed at one time
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