Scrap magnet

They are round section electromagnets. They are equipment developed to carry scrap on site. Electromagnets create a magnetic field under the magnet, so they can easily catch even small scraps that may have trouble collecting with polyp.

It is frequently used in steel mills and scrap collection centers. Used in overhead cranes and excavators as standard. For underwater applications, an extra IP protected body is preferred.

Body structure of the magnet can be determined according to customer preference as stated below.

Cast Body Scrap Magnets: Magnet body is produced as one piece cast. In other words, the magnet is more resistant to impacts. But their prices are higher than other scrap magnets. It is manufactured according to the mold diameters in the hands of the manufacturer.

Steel Body Scrap Magnets: Magnet body is formed by welding bent steel sheets. The resin-coated coil is then placed in the magnet and sealed. It can be produced in different diameters according to demand.

Considerations When Using Crane Scrap Lifting Magnets
The area of ​​use of the magnet is the most important factor (such as meltshop, scrap yard, furnace feeding, scrap sweeping, cut plate removal ...) Body type is determined accordingly.
Magnet duty cycle value is defined as "Duty Cycle" or E.D. It can start from 50% and go up to 80%. As the conversion value increases, the amount of magnet winding increases and therefore the weight and cost of the magnet may vary.
The crane or excavator lifting tonnage in which the magnet will be used must be specified.
The type and density of scrap the magnet will be used for is important.
There are 4 different types of scrap magnets for different application areas;

Electric Scrap Magnet
Battery Driven Scrap Magnet (in excavator or forklift applications)
Hydraulic Driven Scrap Magnet (in excavator applications)
Cordless Scrap Magnet
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